People don’t listen to radio the way you do.

On a station I worked at we did a special deal for regular advertisers. We gave them bonus spots. But these spots could go out at any time. Day or Night. One day he called me. “Simon, I heard one of my spots go out at 3 in the morning! No one listens at 3 in the morning!” “You were.” I replied. He laughed, said “Good point!” and hung up.

Just because YOU listen to radio in a certain way, does not mean the listener does.

In Nairobi the breakfast shows are jam packed with advertisers, all fighting for their unfair share of voice. But then the rest of the day quiets down, until the afternoon drive time. Why? Because most of the people who make decisions about advertising are driving too and from work at those times. Yes, it is a peak time! But there is a significant radio audience for the rest of the day, people that could use your product or service, if only you were there to give them a reason to do so. By all means run a peak time campaign, but don’t miss out on those people who are listening the rest of the day, even the night.  This is one of the great strengths of spot advertising. Your station can run these all through the day, during different times  each day, to hit people who have different listening habits. So if you run a spot on a Monday at 8.05am, don’t run it on Tuesday at 8.05am… maybe run it at 8.40am. So you hit the person with slightly different morning habits.  Run spots in the morning, through the afternoon, even during the night. I once had a client who insisted on his ads only running at weekends. That was when HE listened. He wasn’t thinking like a smart advertiser. If your message is compelling, and you can hit as many people as possible, across the day, 7 days a week, you have a formula for success.

The radio audience is not a standing army, it is a passing parade.

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