Never Ever Lie In a Radio Commercial.

I was taking a brief from a client. I asked my usual question… “why should people come to you?” He thought about it for a moment and then said “There’s 50% off everything.” I asked him “Really?”. He answered “No, but if I say there is, it’ll get people down here and then I can sell to them.”
Aside from the moral corruptness of his attitude, it’s also business suicide. He would cause so much ill feeling that people would stop coming to him, tell their friends not to go, and possibly involve authorities like Trading Standards.

I think it was David Ogilvy who said “Tell the truth, but make it fascinating”.

You don’t have to find a “U S P”… a Unique Selling Proposition… you have to find a CSP.. a compelling selling proposition. It doesn’t have to be unique, but it should be something your competitors are not talking about. Own that in the mind of the listener. In Kenya everyone associated Safaricom, the mobile phone operator with per second billing. They were NOT the first, but they were the first to talk about it.
You can be first (It’s better to be first than to be different Reis & Trout), but always be truthful.
Find reasons for the listener to do business with you, and avoid the clichés.
“We’ve been in business X years” Why should the listener care?
“We offer great customer service.” In what way? How is it better?
“We’re simply the best.” So is Tina Turner.. now, in what WAY are you the best. Prove it! And show me why the listener should care and believe you.

If you make an offer by word of mouth, through your radio advertising and the customer is delighted, you will also have created your second wave of word of mouth advertising. Delighted customers (especially in this world of blogs and forums) tell other potential customers about their experience doing business with you.

Never lie! OK Bill?

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