Salesman Balls Pt 2

“As you can see on the audience chart, we’re a lot higher up the pie”

“I wish I could look into my golden ball and tell you it was going to work”

“It’s a misnomer to say more people listen at the end of the week”

“So you can see, we’re all men to all seasons”

“Can you just go and ask lan for some ballpoint figures?”

“If you stopped ten people in the street and asked them if they’d heard of Keith Pattinson, nine and a half of them would say yes.”

“Course you did, man. You wrote it down verbally”

“Is Dave in? (no.) Is he out?”

“They’re all coming in in their full entirety”

“That should throw a spanner amongst the pigeons”

“Can we use the Northumbria Police name, as it would give the ad an immediate stamp of credulity?”

“We mustn’t forget the vagrancies of the market”

“He’s at his desk, but he’s not there”

“I think we may be in danger of milking the golden goose.”

“They’re ‘ust dipping their tongue in the water”

“I can see right up your niche”

“We need to go over everything with a fine toothbrush.”

“Not wishing to shout my own trumpet…”

“It’s not like television – we can’t just add another page”

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