Salesman Balls pt 3

“Do you have the power to make that decision on your own solusly?”

“They’re a Scottish company – based in Scotland”

“They never know if they’ve heard it audiotorially”

“It’s like an Aladdin’s cabinet in here”

“Ooops.. that was a bit of a fraudulent slip”

“You know, maybe we should just do that K.I.S.S. thing – Keep it Stupid, Simple”.

“It has a double-barrelled meaning”

“I started off as a telly ad.”

“They’re going to have the flag all around the peripheral”

“She hasn’t got a very good ease of explaining things”

“We should use the special offer as a lost leader”

“If that happens, local rates will go up through the window”

“She could sell snow to the Arabs”

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