Salesman Balls pt 5

“Radio City’s first broadcast wasn’t 5.58 – it was two minutes to six..”

“We’re going to have to get some structure to these sales meetings – everybody keeps going off on a tandem”

“Have you got the sound effect of a mongoose in flight?”

“The frequency should help reverbitate the success of the campaign..”

“You’re the kind of guy who goes to the bank for fifty quid and asks for it in eights”

“Yes, you find that with blind people when their sight goes, another one of their senses
– like their vision – improves to compensate”

“Jack is another name for Bobby”

“I’ve got two words to say to you – Lancaster University Management School”

“If that isn’t the ket calling the pottle black”

(after being told that Sherlock Holmes couldn’t be used in a radio ad because of copyright)
– “Well, couldn’t you just spell it H-0-M-E-S?”

“You cease to amaze me sometimes”

“He was hanging on for grim death”

“Hard singers are good to find”

“People round here just take me for the piss.”

“Everybody was buying us free drinks!”

“That film with Eddy Murphy – Beverly Hops Kill”

“I’ll see that when I believe it.”

“At the end of the day, I’ve only got two pairs of hands..”

Two pairs of hands

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