I just want awareness

Aware of it?

The Moon... seen it, not yet done it!

I have never been to the moon.
I am aware of it.
I see it in the sky quite a lot.
If you did a survey I expect many people are aware of the moon.
If you’re done a campaign on radio and you’re objective was awareness… then you would have close to 100% awareness at the end of the campaign. (and at the beginning, but let’s skip over that for now).
Well done.
However most clients don’t want awareness. When you ask them… “how will you measure the success of your campaign?” they usually answer, “By how many products we sell.” Ahhhh! So what you want is RESPONSE!
If you usually get 200 people a week through your showroom door… what you want is is increase that number of people, OR maybe double the ammount of money those 200 people spend. Increased sales is the goal (not even necessarily “footfall”… the same number of people spending a lot more can also be a good result!!).

As I’ve said before… “Branding happens” (Martin Healy). Let you commercials raise awareness, they will do that, but make sure they get a good response by giving an irresistable, compelling, unambiguous reason to come and buy from you.

If you want me to fly to the moon, with my fear of heights, you’d have to to give me a very very very good reason (and a few million quid!)

By the way… click the image above for evidence that NASA actually FAKED the moon landings. 😉

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