Salesman Balls pt 8

Have you ever been in a meeting where, due to the pressure of the call, the Sales Exec has said something that’s had you bite through your pencil trying not to laugh? Here are some examples of genuine things Sales Execs have said in meetings, or to creatives ….

“Look – I don’t want to eat the hand that bites me…”

“There’s no point in talking to him – we’ll be much better off speaking directly to the horse’s mouth”.

“There are two objectives here …. b…….”

” You’ve heard this from his own ears…”

” Oh that old nutshell.”

“And then on Tuesday morning, you can have the day off..”

“I need prepayment up-front.”

“Give me something sharp and blunt to throw at him.”

“Yes, the housing market is very cut and throat..”

” 1 think we’ll have to do that for him just as a way of extending the fig leaf…

“We don’t want to highlight C2DEs as the problem democrats..”

“My Dad’s on a fitness freak at the moment”

“I won’t bill it until I get a signed signature”

“I was at my funeral last year”

“Naturally, I inclined the offer!”

“Tuesday the eighteenth of November….. what day is that?”

“Is textbook all one word?
– Only if you use it as textbook.”

“I’ll be around all day, except in the afternoon”

“This will really set the seeds in motion…”

“Is she not of Indian Caucasian?”

“Bolton – that’s a palindrome isn’t it?”

“You’ve hit the nail on the hedge there!”

“It’s like dipping your toe in lots of different things.”

“I’d like to raise some light on the issue”.

“There’s a lot of thoughts of schools on this…”

“So, are they top or bottom end of the market?
– I’d say they’re more middle end.”

“I want you to put your thinking kettles on”

“(singing along to Dragon’s Ordinary men’ … “These are the dreams of
all the married men”

“When is Spring this year”

“I’ll have you know, I’m highly illiterate”

“I was a dead duck in the water”

“Come on let’s get this place looking audible” (during a spring clean)

"We'll have to charge him full fruit."

“If he wants to go to air next week we’ll have to charge him full fruit”

“You can only hit something with a hammer so many times until nothing

“It’s never been done before, we’re setting a President.”

“What models of dogs are really moving at the moment” (To a pet shop

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