Salesman Balls pt 9

” Can I just throw my cap into the hat? ”

“All the dishes were really fishy – like venison and duck…”

“It’s the golf course near Washington… you know, the green one…”

“My husband went camping on an island surrounded by water”

“I’ve just had a very anonymous phone-call”

“The words he used were ‘no”‘

“God… you two have eagle ears..!”

“It’s universal … indeed, it’s international”

“We should be recording it about half-thirty”

“Oh for crying out’s sake!”

“They’re all coagulating over there by the bar”.

“I’ve just got to go and pamper my nose”

“Can you make a meeting with me this morning? – the client’s biting at the chomp”

“It’s like showing a red face to a bull”

“They’ve got staff who can help you from start to beginning”

“It’s only a twenty, so 1 should be able to rattle it off in ten seconds”

“Come on, do your best… think of it as another £ 165 in the Swanee”

“My brain’s not commuting with my mouth”

“I’ve treated myself to a new suit – it’s a dark black one”

“You’ve got a stride in your step this morning”

“My brain’s off its head”

“For someone who’s funny, he’s not very funny”

“I can only make a provincial arrangement”

“Nell… you know about football… you’ve got your ear to the pulse…”

“Can you E-mail a hard copy over?”

“My mother was making Sunday Dinner on Sunday”.

“Oh God – 1 thought that was a chair – it’s not… it’s a cup…”

“How much is a piece of string?”

How Much?

“I feel a bit loathsome to mention it, but…”

“No smoking policies have been implicated in most businesses these days…”

“If you use TFM AND GNR, you hit them with a double whoopy”.

On brief:-“The client needs some clarification about twenty, thirty and forty second ads; e.g. how long they are…”

Exec on the phone to client: “Only one objection per commercial”

“I just want to make sure we’re all batting from the same sheet”

Exec: this 20″ script
me: yes
exec: why can’t you fit as much in it as you can in the 30″?

“Another inspirational script? Good – I expect nothing better.”

MD: “It’s not a black and white blueprint.”

Having to get a phone number in one of our commercials re-made, because one of our client’s customers has just pointed out to Mr Client that… “You can’t have a 12 in your number cos phone keypads don’t go up to 12….”

‘It’s a case of you scratch my back, I’ll do you a favour’

‘Right, back to the grinding stone’

“I can’t hear Classic Gold on my car radio cos it’s on Medium Wave and my car radio only gets FM and AM”

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