The Power of Radio

That's it lady! Just look ahead and keep walking!

When you visit a craft fair in Kenya it’s best to fix your eyes firmly ahead, avoid all eye contact and show interest in absolutely nothing at all! Anything else is considered what a sales person would call a “buying signal”. You MUST want to buy that over priced carving because you scratched your nose.

Clients of radio stations believe that saying how well their campaign worked is an automatic signal for the sales peron to increase their prices… so working at a radio station it’s rare to get positive feedback from a client. The most you get from them is “well… it’s working O.K…” Even though you know that their store was packed during the sale, or that they had twice as many customers as normal during the campaign.

Last week I had the pleasure to meet a client who was not shy in talking about how his campaign had worked. He told me that they had managed to sell more in six months than they would normally expect to do in 2 and a half YEARS. He told me how he was going to pull his press advertising and put all his money in radio. WAIT! No, please don’t do that! I love radio, and I love how effective radio can be for clients… but please don’t drop your other advertising! There ARE ways you can save money on other media, and use it to spend MORE on radio, but using different media together increases the effect of each one individually. So Radio is MORE powerful when combined with press or TV.

But it was great to hear how powerfully radio was working for this client.

If you’re advertising and it’s working for you, let the radio station and the people involved know.

If it’s NOT working for you…there will be a reason. then let me have a look at your brief and your scripts… and for a fee I can help you to rewrite, or rebrief to get powerful advertising on the radio! (Was that self promotion? Probably!)

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