I want to go to the client with an idea!

Click click click went the high heels.

We could hear her coming. We knew exactly which of the sales execs it was because the click of the heels (And Randall only wore his high heels at the weekend)

The sales person was smartly dressed. Unfortunately that’s where the smartness (in this case) ended.

She was going to see a new client.

“I want to go to them with an idea! I’m sure I can get them on air with a great idea!”

“An idea about what?” I asked.

“Well… you’re the Creative!”

“I am… but what am I supposed to have an idea about? What are they trying to achieve? What is the offer? Why should our listeners buy from them? What kind of business is it? What’s THE BRIEF?”

The wheel was turning…. but the Hamster was dead.

“Errrrr… So I can leave that with you? I’m going to see him this afternoon!”

The problem about having a great idea for a radio commercial or a campaign is it has to come from a great brief. A simple, precise, compelling brief. If you want to get a client on air with a great idea you have to do the groundwork first. Clients buy great ideas, but the idea has to spring from a good brief, so the first meeting is not the time to show the client great ideas.

I visit several radio sales websites that have databases of “Great Ideas” for various categories. Need to get a plumber on air? Find 120 radio scripts for plumbers where you can change the name and get the client on air. The big problem is, what are you actually saying about THAT plumber? What’s the reason to call this guy to fix your leaky taps? How has the idea sprung from that clients particular and peculiar problems. The answer is, it hasn’t. They’re just generic ads that get the client on air. My goal is not just to get the client on air, but to get a campaign that works for them.

Actually… I have got a great idea for the client! Why don’t we have two women talking to each other on a bus?

I’ll get my coat….

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One thought on “I want to go to the client with an idea!

  1. That actually made me laugh out loud. And now I’m greatly depressed. In a way I’m glad to see that the same problems plague every creative department.

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