Salesman Balls pt 10

Client – “You know, this radio thing is all new to us. What will our commercial sound like?”
Exec – “Don’t worry. Andy will lead you through the whole process hand in foot”

“50% will stay and the other 75% will go”

“I’m available anytime Tuesday morning after 12”

“There’s no such thing as the public service association, so i rang the
public service association and got onto them straight away”

“It’s a two man horse race”

“Here’s a brand new concept that started a while ago”

“This guy tries to buy radio like he buys his vegetables”

“Stock Barrel and Dice”

“Let’s put together the biggest Christmas hamper that God ever put breath

“Look I’ll only tell you once … then I’ll tell you again”

“I’ve been running around like a bull arsed fly”

“Here comes the fire ambulance”

“It’s my birthmark, i’ve had it since i was born”

“The car park’s broken”

“They used cars like yours as cricket bats”

“You’ve been carrying on like a two bob goose”

“By Memory I can’t remember”

“Radio does work, look what it’s done for Bill Clinton”

“If they don’t like it they can hump it”

“Now you’re talking my tune”

“You have to keep killing them until they’re dead”

“I was born at one stage in my life also”

“Those two are as thick as wolves”

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