Popular postings at Rushton On Radio pt 1

Last week my blog went ballistic when I posted a youtube video on my page. I got almost double the number of hits in one day. Here are some more of my posts that got a bigger than normal hit rate!

Call us on…

March 20011 I was talking phone numbers!┬áIt seems to be one of the most controversial issues at my work place at the moment. I have heard that “Simon doesn’t allow phone numbers” which is not true. I don’t want them in an ad where is does nothing for the client, no one will remember it, or you can’t actually do business with the client over the phone. I just want people to think about it. Good radio advertising sales people don’t just take money from clients… they try to get the ad to work, so that the client wants to give them more!

Hello Mary!

Also in March last year we met the “Two Women on a Bus”. The first idea many clients have for their radio ads. Those women seem to know a lot about our advertisers. Oh, and I found a photo of the ACTUAL bus!

The Customer is Always Right… yer right!

April 2011 we unpacked the statement “The Customer is Always Right” If they were, there would be no need for experts in ANY field. If doctors used this expression we’d be in a lot of trouble.

You want to voice your own commercial

May 2011 I think a lot of clients have great voices. But it’s not a way to get a “cheaper ad” Trust me, you’ll have to work a lot harder. Sometimes it’s worth it. Other times…well here is an example.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog. If you have any ideas of other topics I could cover, please let me know!

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