Pit Bulls in Radio Ads

I have just seen an article here and I’m a bit bemused.

They pulled the ad off air because Pit Bull owners complained.

“Lizarraga, who owns a pet-sitting business and is social media coordinator for Chako Pit Bull Rescue, started a Facebook page called “Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s,” launched an online petition calling for an end to the ad and started one of many Twitter threads.”

What do you think?

Should they have told the complainants… come on! It’s just a bit of fun.

Radio stations know that in the UK, if you make any reference to the abuse of cats…

MVO: Gus is looking for a new flat… as Britain’s Champion Cat Swinger, he just needs more room!
FX: Meowing as if cat being swung but hitting ornaments, lamps etc.

…. you just get a flood of complaints!

Or should they bow to the wishes of listeners. Even those with no sense of humor.

Is it a matter of where you stand? I get offended by religious “swear” words in ads. Am I being over sensitive?

This morning I wrote some ads that used the sound effect of a duck quacking. I hope no one is offended by that! If they are, it will be water off a pit bull’s back.

A Famous Pit Bull Owner

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