The Best Feeling

I love working in radio. I love the creativity of it. I love the business side of it. I have been able to see clients grow their companies massively because of the work we did together on their campaigns. It’s an amazing feeling… like a few months ago… when a client tells you they have opened new stores, employed more people, grown… and it was started by a commercial spot that you’d penned years before.

It’s not always smooth. Sometimes I have to ask tough questions and sometimes I HAVE to tell clients uncomfortable truths. Sometimes it’s sensitive… because a client has written their own advert and you have to show them that it may not be the best idea to do it the way they’ve done it.

What I’ve always wanted to show a client is how it can work for them. Giving the right message, reaching the right people and giving them good reasons to do business with them.

There is still that thrill, after 20 something year, hearing your work being broadcast! And hopefully hearing the results from the client.

I can still remember that feeling on hearing the first “professional” ad that I’d ever written, going out on air (for Dean’s Diner in Newcastle, voiced in main by Jimmy Hibbert). Although it’s being replaced slightly with the feeling that I wouldn’t have done it quite like that given what I know two decades later.

I still turn UP the radio when I hear an ad break!

Jimmy Hibbert - He voiced my first ad at Metro Radio

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