Dear Client….

Mostly I bite my tongue…. but what I WANT to say sometimes….

Dear client….

I spent three years at University learning techniques of radio production. My first job was with the leading radio station creative department at the time, where I learned from some of the top names in Radio Advertising then and still today. My ads were ripped apart and reconstructed by the best. I’ve gone on to work with learn from and mentor some of the UK’s biggest talents in Radio Advertising I’ve spent the last 23 years reading everything I can find on Radio Advertising and studying technique and seeing what ads work and don’t work. I have a few awards, and qualifications from the USA and Canada in copy writing for radio advertising and radio sales. I go in reading, listening researching and looking at how I can grown and know more. I make my best effort to write copy that will help clients meet their objectives, I love my job and love hearing my work on air… I love feedback from happy clients and relish the challenge of those that are not happy with their results (few and far between if they take my advice).

But yer… if you want to write your own ad… feel free. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dear Client….

  1. I could not have said it better myself! While I do not have anywhere near the experiences you have, I did get a bachelor’s in advertising and graphic design and I also read everything on the subject that I can get my hands on. It drives me crazy when businesses and people in general think that anyone can do advertising. I do believe that a great big idea can come from anywhere, but that means the person must know their objectives, how the company should be portrayed, etc. which most people do not bother thinking about. Maybe you should do a presentation for clients that shows the success of businesses that hire outside help versus those that do ads themselves.

  2. There are some people in business who make great copywriters…and have some amazing ideas…. but for the majority they tend to fall into various copywriter traps that we are trained out of in the first couple of years writing ads. I know very little about double glazing, car selling, furniture retailing, running a pub, cafe or restaurant. But that’s when we need to come together and combine both areas of experience.

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