Put me on the Breakfast Show!

Most radio stations in the world it’s the Breakfast show that is the flag ship and attracts the most listeners. This is where advertisers, naturally, want to focus their effort. Understandably. But lets break it down a little further. Here’s my typical morning:-

5.45am Wake up
6am into the kitchen turn the radio on while I prepare my breakfast.
6.30am hit the shower and get dressed for work.
7am Catch some TV news
7.45am on the motorbike to work (no radio)
8:05 at my desk with a cup of fruit tea… catching up on mails etc.

Now imagine if the peak of breakfast show listening is at 07:55 and you place your spot there, every day…. 07:55… then every day you would miss me! I will never hear your spot. The same is true of other people’s listening habits across the whole day. Although you want to hit the maximum people the maximum number of times, you don’t do that by JUST hitting the peaks!

So make sure your activity is across the day, and different times during those hours.

Ask your Sales Person for an Optimum Effective Schedule! Have a look here.

Of course I have an issue with the number of times people have to hear an ad to respond… since 3.5, or 3.25 or 4 are just made up numbers! But there is a general feel that, with a good offer, you start to get a good response when the OTH hits about 4 or 5. (Which is why it’s NOT good advertising to be on for just a week!

You HELP by making sure your spot ads tell people what you want them to do, and gives them a really good reason to do it!!

A tranny. The radio, not the boy.

3 thoughts on “Put me on the Breakfast Show!

  1. I had a bit of an epiphany thinking a out radio advertising and local radio advertising in particular the other day which has a bearing on this blinkered breakfast show think.

    The conclusion I came to was this; basically a frighteningly large number of radio advertisers are reluctant ones particularly locally if the station is not the market leader. This means that the station needs to employ highly persuasive sales people to talk these reluctant customers into parting with their cash which in turn leads to very simplistic tactics such as putting them on only at peak breakfast time to get them to sign on the dotted line.

    Now we (the educated radio users) know that the whole approach to successful radio advertising is much more nuanced with a focus on optimal scheduling and carefully crafted copy to reach and appeal to the target audience BUT all to often we never get to that stage as

    • …the sales exec has used all their guile to pull it over the line and has to resort to tatics like “putting it on at breakfast when most people are listening” to seal the deal.

      • I’ve just that back and I’ve repeated myself – the dangers of writing on your phone on the train – but you get my drift.

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