Simply The Best

The client was very proud of their new company slogan. They’d had it sign written on their fleet and tattooed on the Managing Director’s 9 month old baby.

“Simply the Best.”

It was the MD’s idea, so of course every one in the entire company was behind it. They thought it was great. Someone even mentioned he had once heard a song with that lyric in it. And something about being “better than all the rest…”which is, obviously what they were! Even the sales exec was excited by it… after all the client was about to sign an airtime order… so it was the best line EVER. In terms of slogans, “Simply the Best” was… well… simply the best!!

Then I come along.

“In what way are you the best?” I asked.
“Errrr…we just are… we’re the best… simply!!”
“Best delivery? Best prices? Best product?”
“No, we’re… y’know… Simply… SIMPLY the best!… like Rod Stewart sang.”
(voice from warehouse… “TINA TURNER!!”

Oh OK…. So you’re NOT the best, but because you SAY you are you think people will believe it. Like the guy with the XXXL t-shirt and the words on his beer belly… The Worlds Greatest Lover… you believe it! It MUST be true.

*Handy hint for advertisers. Don’t just spout clichés in your advertising. Show why you’re better than all the rest. Make your claims believable… and substantiate them.

* Handy hint for parents. Tattoos on children are just WRONG. You are a bad parent. Shame on you!

No! What were you THINKING!!

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